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Why Little Voyages?montessori preschool immersion classes in atlanta 

We did the research.  We implement NAEYC core strategies daily.  We understand the time is NOW.   A child will never have the capability to absorb the amount and type of education we provide again (in their lifetime) than RIGHT NOW because of the rapid brain growth that occurs in early childhood.  preschool in Atlanta, montessori preschool, head start preschool immersion classes in atlanta 

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Each child is born with millions of brain cells to learn how to communicate and understand & speak languages.  If these brain cells are not stimulated, the Use It or Lose It phenomena occurs. 

Infants are able to respond to sound 10 weeks before birth and can distinguish the sound of ALL languages.  At six months, the window closes to non-native languages unless the child is exposed to non-native languages through "hard-wired" brain synapses.

Children can begin to to acquire second and third languages after 3 to 7 months.  After approximately two years, your child will be able to carry a fluent conversation that is age appropriate if exposure is consistent.

Little Voyages understands the first window of opportunity for language comes early in life.  This is why Little Voyages was started!  Our programs are fun and work!  We offer CDs for in-utero experiences, immersion pre-school for birth to 5 years, an assortment of a la carte classes, and after-school primary programs for language enrichment.

Our curriculum is based on scientific facts because WE understand the fundamental blocks of early language acquisition.


  • The Language Instinct:  How the Mind Creates Language
  • Ways with Words:  Language, Life and

  • The Meaning Makers:  Children Learning Language and Using

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