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Mission Statement

Create citizens of the world that are prepared emotionally and socially for diverse educational endeavors beyond our doors. 


The purpose of Little Voyages is to provide childcare in Atlanta and to help children begin their educational journey is a safe and loving environment.Preschools near me, immersion classes in Atlanta, preschool programs

Each child has unique interests and special talents.  Our small student and teacher ratios allow a personalized educational plan for every child. 


We honor the academic scholarly research of Montessori, Piaget, Steiner, Dewey, Bruner, Vygotsky, Malaguzzi, Gardner, and others by combining their theories with our curriculum to focus on positive child developmental physically, socially, mentally, and academically.
Are you licensed?

We are a licensed child care provider and abide by strict laws and regulations for the safety and well-being of your child.  Not all childcare providers are licensed to provide care, and therefore are not regulated. Examples of non-licensed providers may include: churches/ministries ,  vacation bible schools, health clubs, drop-in or short-term care providers, the “average” small home providers,  anyone providing less than four hours of care per day,  after-school and summer camp programs, and specialized recreational care activities (dance, gymnastics, karate, horseback riding, etc.).

Are teachers required to get background checks?

Background checks MUST be performed on all staff, including fingerprint checks against state and federal records, child abuse registry, and sex offender registry.  DID YOU KNOW?  If your current childcare provider has been in business before January 1, 2014 that these requirements are not required!!  This is a new law and Little Voyages is in compliance!

What is the student: teacher ratio?

We have smaller than State mandated student to teacher ratios and better than most any other school you will visit:  Infants (2:1)  Toddlers (4:1)  After-school (6:1)

Is Little Voyages safe?

Our facilities are monitored with video surveillance; We are less than 3 miles from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a few blocks away from the Fire Station, and within 2 miles of the Police precinct.  Safety is our #1 priority second only to the best educational experience your child can have.

Visitors are welcome to tour our facility.  However, we do request that an appointment be made, in advance and a government issued ID sent to the Center prior to the appointment, unless attending with a parent of an enrolled child.  As a parent, you are welcome to visit and or volunteer in your child's class at anytime.  In an effort to provide excellent security, we require ALL visitors register and sign in before visiting your child’s class.

What makes Little Voyages a special place?
  • We value you choosing Little Voyages as your child’s home away from home, and serve each family with privacy, respect, and dignity. 

  • We serve fresh fruits and vegetables daily.  No canned food products.  The children love to help with the Center’s organic garden, when age appropriate. 

  • The Owner of Little Voyages is committed to each child leaving with a smile, learning a defined set of goals each day, and eager to return the next day.  When your child leaves with a smile or doesn’t want to go home... we’ve served you and your child well!

Why are prices only given out during a tour?

Little Voyages is such a special place.  Our rates are comparable to other Centers in your community.  We want you to see how special WE truly are "in person".  Price shopping for early learning childcare over the phone will not serve your child's best interest.  We want you to see that we simply do not compare to others.

FAQs: Childcare in Atlanta

(855) MY-VOYAGE ~ (855) 698-6924 ~ (404) 855-7844

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